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Our Solution

Elite Labs provides an array of drug testing services to the institutions in need of them, from addiction treatment facilities to drug-free workplaces. Utilizing the latest innovations in drug screening technology, we are able to give you in-depth, qualitative analyses. Whether in households, rehabilitation centers or workplaces, each of our tests is designed to provide results that are both thoroughly detailed and accurate.


We strive to provide you with all the drug testing materials that you require. We employ a highly individualized approach with each of our clients. In determining the resources available to them, as well as panels and testing methods most suited to their needs, we are able to implement a comprehensive and cost-effective drug testing program. Our goal is to provide these services in a way that is convenient and above all, reliable. We want to give you every tool you will need in order to overcome the problem of drug abuse and addiction.

Welcome to The Elite Labs Group

Elite Labs was founded with a commitment to providing drug testing solutions to the problems of substance abuse and addiction. Our comprehensive, laboratory-verified tests exhibit the highest standards of analyses. With prompt and accurate results, we are able to provide quality solutions for discouraging, detecting, and dealing with drug abuse.