Addiction is a complex bio-psycho-social illness that about 1 in 10 people suffer from. It’s also one of the most difficult illnesses to recover from. Unlike diabetics or cancer patients, addicts often do not realize what they are suffering from. They are fundamentally incapable of being honest with themselves, so they will lie, deny and rationalize to anyone who confronts them.

Dishonesty and manipulation can make addiction hard to detect and even harder to treat. This is why drug tests have become such a valuable part of treating drug addiction. They are used to see past the deception and reveal the extent of an addict’s drug use. Drug tests are also a core part of rehabilitation in all its phases. Inpatient, outpatient, and sober living programs all utilize drug tests to hold each addict accountable and ensure that they are maintaining their sobriety.

One of the fundamental facts of drug addiction is powerlessness. Each addict cannot control their drug use, and they are helpless to try to remain sober on their own. They need all the help and support they can get in order to stay sober, and drug testing is an essential piece of that support. It will do for addicts what they cannot do for themselves: remain honest and accountable.

The unfortunate truth about drug addiction is that no addict can be judged by his or her words alone. Time and time again family and friends have uncovered so many lies that any promise of sobriety has become empty words. In order to truly recover, actions must speak louder than words. Sobriety must be proven, not promised.

With drug testing services by Elite Labs, anxiety and distrust become a thing of the past. Drug addiction, too, fades into the past as addicts are forced to stay sober until they can do so on their own. From there on, they become healthier, happier, and better people.