Our Goal

Our goal is to provide drug and alcohol rehabs with quality drug testing solutions. Drug screening urinalysis is an indispensible component of every drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Ensuring the safety and continued sobriety of each patient requires quality drug screening, and Elite Labs is here to help treatment centers achieve the highest quality of drug testing.

Elite Labs drug tests are specifically designed for long-term, sustained partnerships with treatment centers and other comparable facilities. We partner with addiction treatment centers throughout the nation to supply the highest quality of drug screening urinalysis materials. We take an individual approach with each of our clients to supply the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective drug testing resources.

We employ the most up to date urinalysis technology to provide the most accurate and comprehensive results to drug and alcohol rehab centers. Our tests are specifically developed to deliver analyses that are thorough and detailed. Only the reliable drug screening technology used at Elite Labs can give drug and alcohol rehab centers the resources they need to treat addiction and facilitate long-term sobriety.

The focus market is drug and alcohol rehab (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS urinalysis testing services)

NO WALK-INS – No Individuals – No Urgent – No Emergency – No Drug-Free Workplace Screening